ABB AC500 series offers interoperability and compatibility with hardware and software. A full range from compact PLCs up to high end and safety PLCs.

CI511-ETHCAT ABB - Bus-Module 1SAP220900R0001

S500,Bus-Module,8DI/8DO/4AI 2AO,24VDC,DI:24VDC,DO:24VDC/0.5A,U/I/RTD 12bit+sign,1/2 wire,ETHERCAT,NSW Fct.

CM579-PNIO ABB - Communication Module 1SAP170901R0001

AC500,Com.Module PROFINET I/O RT,2xRJ45, integrated switch

CM578-CN ABB - CANopen Communication Module 1SAP170800R0001

AC500,Communication Module CANopen pluggable 5 poles spring terminal

CM579-ETHCAT ABB - Communication Module EtherCAT Master 1SAP170902R0001

AC500, Communication Module EtherCAT Master, 2xRJ45

DC551-CS31 ABB Digital I/O Bus Module - 1SAP220500R0001

DC551-CS31:S500,Bus Module 8DI/16DC DI:24VDC,DC:24VDC/0.5A,1-wire CS31

CM575-DN ABB - Ethernet Communication Module 1SAP170500R0001

Communication Module DeviceNet Master, pluggable 5 poles spring terminal

CI501-PNIO ABB - Communication Interface Module 1SAP220600R0001

S500,Bus-Module,8DI/8DO/4AI/ 2AO,24VDC,DI:24VDC,DO:24VDC/0.5A,U/I/RTD 12bit+sign,1/2 wire,PROFINET I/O

ABB CM572-DP - 1SAP170200R0001 - Profibus DP Communication Module

Communication Module PROFIBUS-DP Master,D-Sub 9 poles Profibus DPV0/V1 Protocol

CI502-PNIO ABB - Bus-Module 1SAP220700R0001

S500,Bus-Module,8DC/8DI/8DO 24VDC,DI/DC:24VDC,DO/DC:24VDC/0.5A 1/2-wire,PROFINET I/O

CM577-ETH ABB - Ethernet Communication Module 1SAP170700R0001

Ethernet Communication Module, ETHERNET 2xRJ45, integrated switch

CI590-CS31-HA ABB - Bus Module 1SAP221100R0001

S500,Bus Module 16DC,2xCS31 DI:24VDC,DC:24VDC/0.5A,1-wire High Availabilty,2xCS31 Redundant

DC505-FBP ABB - Interface Module 1SAP220000R0001

S500,FBP-Interface Module,8DI/8D DI:24VDC,DC:24VDC/0.5A,1/2-wire

CM574-RS ABB - Communication Module 1SAP170400R0001

2xRS-232/485 Free config. Serial Interface Module

TU507-ETH ABB - Ethernet Interface Module 1SAP214200R0001

Bus.Terminal Unit,Screw 2xRJ45,24VDC,for RT-ETHERNET modules

TU508-ETH ABB - Bus.Terminal Unit 1SAP214000R0001

S500,Bus.Terminal Unit,Spring 2xRJ45,24VDC,for RT-ETHERNET modules

TU551-CS31 ABB - Interface Module 1SAP210600R0001

S500,Bus Terminal Unit,Screw for CS31 Bus-Modules

TU506 ABB - FBP-Terminal Unit 1SAP210000R0001

S500,FBP-Terminal Unit,Spring M12 FBP Interface,24VDC

TU505 ABB - Terminal Unit 1SAP210200R0001

S500,FBP-Terminal Unit,Screw M12 FBP Interface,24VDC

TU552-CS31 ABB - Bus Terminal Unit 1SAP210400R0001

S500,Bus Terminal Unit,Spring for CS31 Bus-Modules

TU501 ABB - Bus Termination Unit 1SVP426470R0000

TU501 S500 Bus Termination Unit

ABB UTF21-FBP Accessory for AC500

UTF21-FBP Accessory for AC500 - USB to FBP-interface cable

ABB CM574-RCOM Serial Protocol RCOM Communication Module

CM574-RCOM Serial Protocol RCOM Communication Module

ABB DX501-DP Bus Module

DX501-DP Bus Module