Advant Controller 110-160

ABB Advant Controller 110 - 160 offers a full set of control and communication functions and it is designed to suit a wide range of industrial applications, from small to medium-size, from logic to loops, either stand-alone or as an integrated part of an Advant Master system as well as in any other distributed control system. 

CI631 ABB AF100 Interface, Twisted Pair - 3BSE016347R1

Communication Module, AF100 Interface , twisted pair.

CI627 ABB Communication Interface Module - 3BSE009799R1

CI627 AF100 Communication Interface

CI630 ABB - AF100 Communication Interface Module 3BSE011000R1

CI630 AF100 Communication Interface Module. Interface with coaxial connectors and integrated modem.

SC610 ABB - Submodule Carrier 3BSE001552R1

Advant Controller 100 Series carrier module. Required for connection of CI532. Two CI532 fit into one carrier.

SA610-1 ABB - Cable Assembly 3BHT310358R1

SA610-1 Cable Assembly L.3m

ABB CI625 Communication Interface

CI625 Communication Interface

ABB RC610 Cable Duct

RC610 Cable Duct

ABB SA610-2 Annunciator Cable Relay outp.L.3M

SA610-2 Annunciator Cable Relay outp.L.3M