ABB AC500 series offers interoperability and compatibility with hardware and software. A full range from compact PLCs up to high end and safety PLCs.

AO523-KBA ABB - Analog Output Module 1SAP250200R3001

S500, Analog Output Module 16AO, U/I/RT 12bit+sign, 24VDC, 2/3-wire, KBA

AX521 ABB - Analog Input/Output Module 1SAP250100R0001

S500, Analog I/O Module 4AI/4AO, U/I/RT 12bit+sign, 24VDC, 2/3-wire

AX522 ABB - Analog I/O Module 1SAP250000R0001

S500, Analog I/O Module 8AI/8AO, U/I/RT 12bit+sign, 24VDC, 2/3-wire

AO523 ABB - Analog Output Module 1SAP250200R0001

S500, Analog Output Module 16AO, U/I 12bit+sign, 24VDC, 2/3-wire

CD522 ABB - Encoder Module 1SAP260300R0001

S500, 2xEncoder Module, 2xPWM Outputs 6DI-Sensor/10DI/10DO, 24VDC, DI-sensor.:5/24 VDC-2-wire, DI:24VDC, DO:24VDC/0,5A-1-wire

DC532 ABB - Digital Input/Output Module 1SAP240100R0001

S500, Digital I/O Module 16DI/16DC 24VDC, DI:24VDC, DC:24VDC/0.5A, 1/2-wire

AI523 ABB - Analog Input Modue 1SAP250300R0001

S500, Analog Input Module 16AI, U/I/RTD 12bit+sign, 24VDC, 2/3-wire

DX522 ABB - Digital I/O Module 1SAP245200R0001

S500, Digital I/O Module 8DI/8DO-Relay DI:24VDC, DO-Relay:230VAC/3A, 2/3-wire

AI531 ABB - Analog Input Module 1SAP250600R0001

S500, Analog Input Module 8AI, U/I/RTD Thermocoupler J,K,T,N,S,15bit+sign 24VDC, 2/4-wire

DC523 ABB - Digital I/O Module 1SAP240500R0001

S500, Digital Config. I/O.Module 24DC 24VDC, DI:24VDC, DC:24VDC/0.5A,1/2-wire

DC522 ABB - Digital Input/Output Module 1SAP240600R0001

S500, Digital Config. I/O Module 16DC 24VDC, DI:24VDC, DC:24VDC/0.5A, 1/2-wire

DC501-CS31 ABB - S500 Bus Module 1SVP426327R0100

S500, Bus Module CS31 KBA 16DI/8DO/8DC, 24VDC, DI:24VDC DC:24VDC/0,5A, 1-wire

DC541 ABB - Digital Fast I/O Module 1SAP270000R0001

AC500, Digital Fast I/O Module 8DC 24VDC, DI:24VDC, DC:24VDC/0.5A, 1-wire

DC561 ABB - Digital Input/Output Module 1TNE968902R2001

S500, Digital I/O Module 16DC Interface DI:24VDC, DC:24VDC/0.1A, HE10 conn., 1-wire Interfast

DI524 ABB Digital Input Module - 1SAP240000R0001

DI524:S500,Digital Input Module 32DI, DI:24VDC,1-wire

AX561 ABB Analogue I/O Module - 1TNE968902R1301

AX561 Analogue I/O Module

DX531 ABB - Digital Input/Output Module 1SAP245000R0001

S500, Digital I/O.Module 8DI/4Rel.230V DI:115-230VAC, DO-Relay:230VAC/3A, 2-wire

DI511 ABB - Digital Input Expansion Module 1svp426430r0000

S500 16DI Expansion Module

DX571 ABB - Digital Input/Output Module 1TNE968902R2302

S500, Digital I/O.Module 8DI/8DO-Relay DI:24VDC sink/source DO-Relay:120/240 VAC 2A, 1-wire

DO511 ABB - Digital Output Expansion Module 1SVP426451R0000

DO511 Digital Output Expansion Module

AO561 ABB - Analogue Output Module 1TNE968902R1201

S500, Analog Output Module 2AO U/I 12bit, 24VDC, 2-wire

DI571 ABB - Digital Input Module 1TNE968902R2103

S500, Digital Input Module 8DI 230VAC DI:115-230VAC 2-wire

TU525 ABB - Terminal Expansion Module 1SVP426473R0000

TU525 Terminal Module Expansion - Analog

DO561 ABB - Digital Output Module 1TNE968902R2201

S500, Digital Output Module 8DO-Transistor : 24VDC/0.5A, 1-wire

TU512 ABB - I/O Terminal Unit 1SVP426471R1000

TU512 Terminal Module Expansion

DI562 ABB Digital Input Module - 1TNE968902R2102

S500, Digital Input Module 16DI 24VDC DI:24VDC,Sink/source,1-wire

TU532 ABB - I/O Terminal Unit 1SAP217000R0001

S500, I/O Terminal Unit, 230VAC, Spri for AC or Relay Modules

DO571 ABB - Digital Output Module 1TNE968902R2202

S500, Digital Output Module 8DO-Relay DO-Relay:120/240VAC/2A,1-wire

DI561 ABB Digital Input Module - 1TNE968902R2101

DI561:S500,Digital Input Mod.8DI 24VDC DI:24VDC,Sink/source,1-wire

DX561 ABB Digital Input/Output Module - 1TNE968902R2301

DX561 Digital Input/Output Module

AI562 ABB Analogue Input Module

ABB AI562 Analog Input Mod.2AI,RTD 15bit sign,24VDC,2-wire

TU531 ABB - I/O Terminal Unit 1SAP217200R0001

S500, I/O Terminal Unit, 230VAC screw, for AC or Relay Modules

AI561 ABB Analog Input Module

ABB AI561 Analog Input Module 4AI,U/I 12bit sign,24VDC,2-wire

TU515 ABB - I/O Terminal Unit 1SAP212200R0001

S500, I/O Terminal Unit, 24VDC, Screw for DC I/O Modules

TU516 ABB - I/O Terminal Unit 1SAP212000R0001

1SAP212000R0001 - TU516 S500, I/O Terminal Unit, 24VDC, Sprin for DC I/O Modules

TA524 ABB - Dummy Coupler Module 1SAP180600R0001

TA524:AC500,Dummy Coupler Module

ABB AC522 CPU Module

AC522:S500,Analog Input/Output Module 8AC, U/I/RTD,12bit+sign,24VDC,2/3-wire,KBA

ABB PD501-4CH I/O Module

PD501-4CH:S500,Positionning Module, 4channels 4DO/4AI,24VDC,DO:24VDC-4/3A,AI:10V-Poti 1/2-wire,4x10V ref. Power supplies, KBA

DC541-CM ABB - Digital Fast I/O Module 1SAP270000R0001

AC500, Digital Fast I/O Module 8DC 24VDC, DI:24VDC, DC:24VDC/0.5A, 1-wire

ABB DC501-CS31-ADA1 Digital Configurable Input/Output Module

DC501-CS31-ADA1 Digital Configurable Input/Output Module

ABB DO572 Digital Input/Output Module

DO572 Digital Input/Output Module

ABB AI511 Analog Input Module

AI511 Analog Input Module

ABB AI512 Analog Input Expansion Module

AI512 Analog Input Expansion Module

ABB AX511 Expansion Module

AX511 Expansion Module