Allen-Bradley's CompactLogix and Compact GuardLogix controllers use a common control engine with a common development environment to provide mid-range application control in an easy-to-use environment. Tight integration between the programming software, controller and I/O modules reduces development time and cost at commissioning and during normal operation. This commonality provides cost-effective integration of a machine or safety application into a plant-wide control system because it integrates safety, motion, discrete and drive capabilities in a single controller.

  • Armor Compact GuardLogix 5370
  • Armor CompactLogix 5370
  • Compact GuardLogix 5370
  • CompactLogix 5370
  • Compact GuardLogix 5380
  • CompactLogix 5380
  • CompactLogix 5480
  • 1769 CompactLogix
  • CompactLogix L4x & L4xS
  • 1769 CompactLogix L3x

WiAutomation provides a wide range of Allen-Bradley CompactLogix spare parts.

1756-L72EROM Allen-Bradley

ControlLogix On-Machine Controller, 4MB Standard Memory, 0.98MB I/O Memory, Dual Ethernet/IP Port M12 Category 5E, 1 x USB 1.1 Full Speed (12Mbps) Port, 1 x SD Card Slot, 24V DC Power, Extends the ControlLogix Platform to the On-Machine Space to Put Industrial Control Closer to the Application, and Sometimes onto the Machine Itself

1756-2WS Allen-Bradley Dual Scale Module

Hardy Instruments 1756-2WS Weigh Dual Scale Module, 2-Ch, 8 Load Cells/Points

SST-PFB-CLX Molex - Woodhead

PROFIBUS DP Remote I/O Scanner Module for Allen-Bradley ControlLogix processors, 1 x RS-232 Serial Configuration Port (CONFIG), 1 x RS-485 Interface Port (PROFIBUS DP), enables communication between a ControlLogix processor and DP remote I/O devices on a PROFIBUS network

1756-OF6CI Allen-Bradley ControlLogix Isolated Analog Output

1756-OF6CI ControlLogix Isolated Analog Output, Current, 6 Points

1769SC-IF4IH Allen-Bradley

4-Channnel Analog Current/Voltage Input Module with HART Protocol, Inputs: 4-20mA, 0-10V, Manufactured by Spectrum Controls

1768-EWEB Allen Bradley CompactLogix Web Server Module

1768-EWEB CompactLogix Ethernet/IP Enhanced Web Server Module

1769-WS ALLEN BRADLEY Weigh Scale Module

Hardy Instruments 1769-WS Weigh Scale Module, 1-Ch, up to 4 Load Cells/Points

1768-CNBR Allen Bradley CompactLogix Redundant Bridge Module

1768-CNBR CompactLogix L4x ControlNet Redundant Media Bridge

5069-OF8 Allen Bradley

5069-OF8 5069 Compact I/O 8-Ch Current/Voltage Output Module

1769-OF8V Allen-Bradley

CompactLogix 8 Channel Analog Voltage Output Module; 8 single-ended; Analog Normal Operating Ranges: ± 10V DC, 0 to 10V DC, 0 to 5V DC, 1 to 5V DC; Full Scale Analog Ranges: ± 10.5V DC, -0.5 to 10.5V DC, -0.5 to 5.25V DC, 0.5 to 5.25V DC; Digital Resolution Across Full Range: 16 bits plus sign (bipolar)

1769-OF8C Allen-Bradley

CompactLogix 8 Channel Analog Output Module, Current. Analog Normal Operating Ranges: 0 to 20 mA, 4 to 20 mA; Full Scale Analog Ranges: 0 to 21 mA, 3.2 to 21 mA; Number of Outputs: 8 single-ended

1768-CNB Allen-Bradley

1768-CNB CompactLogix L4 ControlNet Bridge Module, 1 BNC connector

5069-IF8 Allen Bradley Compact I/O MODULE

5069-IF8 5069 Compact I/O 8-Ch Current/Voltage Input Module

1769-IF16V Allen-Bradley

High-density Analog Voltage Input Module, 16-Inputs (single-ended), 0-21mA, 3.2-21mA, ±10.5V DC, -0.5-10.5VDC, -0.5-5.25V DC, 0.5-5.25V DC

1769-IF16C Allen-Bradley

CompactLogix 16-Channel Analog Current Input Module, converts and digitally stores analog data for retrieval by controllers, such as the CompactLogix or MicroLogix 1500 controllers

1768-M04SE Allen Bradley

CompactLogix 4 Axis Sercos Interface Module for 1768-L4x Processor

1769-IR6 Allen-Bradley

CompactLogix 6 Channel RTD/Resistance Input Module; Each of the 6 input channels is individually configurable for a specific input device and provides open- or short-circuit and over- or under indication

1769-SDNK Allen-Bradley

CompactLogix DeviceNet Scanner Module

Available on backorder
1769-IF4FXOF2F Allen-Bradley

CompactLogix High Speed 4 Input, 2 Output Current-Voltage Analog Combination Module, High Resolution

5069-HSC2XOB4 Allen Bradley

5069 CompactLogix Compact I/O 2 Channel High Speed Counter Module with 4 Channel 24V DC Source Outputs; Counts incoming pulses from pulse generators, counters, limit switches, and other devices

1769-IF8K Allen-Bradley

CompactLogix 8 Pt Analog Input Module

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5069-OF4K Allen-Bradley

Compact 5000 Analog Output Module

Available on backorder
1769-IF4I Allen-Bradley

CompactLogix Analog Current/Voltage Input Module, (4) Current/Voltage Inputs, Differential or Single-ended, Input Range: 0…20 mA, 4…20 mA, ±10V, 0…10V, 0…5V, 1…5V; 16-Bit Resolution, Individually Isolated

1769-HSC Allen-Bradley

CompactLogix 2/4 Channel High Speed Counter/Encoder Module

1769-OF4K Allen-Bradley

4 Channel Analog Current/Voltage Output Module - Conformally Coated

Available on backorder
5069-OF4 Allen-Bradley

5069 CompactLogix Compact I/O 4 Channel Current/Voltage Analog Output Module

1769-IF8 Allen-Bradley

CompactLogix 8 Channel Analog Voltage/Current Input Module

1769-ASCII Allen-Bradley

CompactLogix 2 Channel RS232/RS485/RS422 ASCII Module, Number of Inputs: 2 full duplex (RS-232, RS-422), 2 half duplex (RS-485)

5069-OA16 Allen-Bradley

5069 AC Output Module

5069-SERIAL Allen-Bradley

Compact 5000 Serial Interface Module

5069-OB16F Allen-Bradley

5069-OB16F 5069 Compact I/O 16-Ch Fast 24V DC Source Output

5069-IY4 Allen Bradley Compact I/O Input Module

5069-IY4 5069 Compact I/O 4-Ch Current/Voltage/RTD/TC Input Module

1769-IF4XOF2 Allen-Bradley

CompactLogix High Speed 4 In/2 Out Analog Combo Module, 8 Bit Resolution

1769-OB32K Allen-Bradley

32 Point 24VDC Output Module - Conformally Coated

Available on backorder
1769-OF2K Allen-Bradley

CompactLogix 2 Pt A/O C and V Module

Available on backorder
1769-IF4K Allen-Bradley

4 Channnel Analog Current/Voltage Input Module - Conformally Coated

Available on backorder
1769-OV32T Allen-Bradley

1769OV32T CompactLogix 32-Point 24V DC Sink Output Module

5069-IB6F-3W Allen Bradley

5069 CompactLogix Compact I/O 6 Channel 3 Wire Fast 24V DC Sink Input Module

1769-OB32 Allen-Bradley

CompactLogix 32-Point 24V DC Solid-state Source Output Module

1769-OA16K Allen-Bradley

CompactLogix 16 Pt 240VAC D/O Module

Available on backorder
1769-OF2 Allen-Bradley

CompactLogix Output Module with 2-Channel Analog Current/Voltage Single-ended

1769-IQ32K Allen-Bradley

CompactLogix 32 Pt 24VDC D/I Module

Available on backorder
1769-IF4 Allen-Bradley

CompactLogix 4 differential or single-ended Analog Inputs Current/Voltage Input Module

1769-OW16K Allen-Bradley

CompactLogix 16 Pt D/O Relay Module

Available on backorder
5069-OX4I Allen Bradley

5069 CompactLogix Compact I/O 4 Channel Normally Open / Normally Closed Individually Isolated Type Relay Output Module

1769-OA16 Allen-Bradley

CompactLogix 16-Point (2 isolated groups with 8 points in each group, providing capability to mix 120 and 240V AC sources), 120/240V AC Output Module

5069-OB16 Allen Bradley Compact I/O Module

5069-OB16 5069 Compact I/O 16-Ch 24V DC Source Output Module

1769-IQ32 Allen-Bradley

CompactLogix 32-Point 24V DC Sinking/Sourcing Input Module

1769-IQ32T Allen-Bradley

CompactLogix 32-Point 24VDC High Density Input Module, Single Wide

1769SC-IT6I Allen-Bradley

CompactLogix Analog Thermocouple/mV Input Module for Allen-Bradley CompactLogix™ and MicroLogix™ 1500 PLCs, (6) Analog Thermocouple/mV Inputs, Individually Isolated