The perfect solution for your mid-range applications is the Allen-Bradley MicroLogix series that offers the features and flexibility you need without the overhead of larger systems. Choose from standard and safety-certified controllers in chassis-based, packaged and modular designs. Typical applications include complex machine control, batch processing and building automation.

  • MicroLogix 1000
  • MicroLogix 1100
  • MicroLogix 1200
  • MicroLogix 1400
  • MicroLogix 1500
  • MicroLogix Expansion I/O

WiAutomation provides a wide range of Allen-Bradley MicroLogix spare parts.

1760-IB12XOW4IF Allen-Bradley

Pico GFX I/O Module, 8 Digital Inputs, 4 Digital or Analog Voltage Inputs, 4 Relay Outputs, 24V DC

1762sc-IF8u Allen-Bradley

MicroLogix 8-Channel Universal Analog Input Module, Voltage, Current, Thermocouple, and up to 4 RTD and Resistance Inputs

1762-IT4 Allen-Bradley

1762-IT4 MicroLogix Expansion Thermocouple/Mv Input Module 4-Ch

1762-IR4 Allen-Bradley

MicroLogix Expansion RTD/Resistance 4 Channels Input Module

1764-RTC Allen-Bradley

1764-RTC MicroLogix 1500 Real-Time Clock Module (RTC Module)

1762-OV32T Allen-Bradley

MicroLogix 1200, 32 Point 24VDC Sink Output Module

1762-IF2OF2 Allen-Bradley

MicroLogix 4 Channel Analog Combo Module, 2 differential (unipolar), 2 single-ended (unipolar)

1762-OW16 Allen-Bradley

1762-OW16 MicroLogix 1200 16 Point VAC/VDC Relay Output Module

1762-OB32T Allen-Bradley

MicroLogix Digital Output Module, 32-Point (16 Points/Group), 24V DC Source, 0.5A/each

1796-SIM1500 Allen-Bradley

1796-SIM1500 MicroLogix 1500 Input Switch Simulator

1762-IF4 Allen-Bradley

1762-IF4 MicroLogix 4-Ch Current/Voltage Analog Input Module

1762-IQ32T Allen-Bradley

MicroLogix Digital Input Module, 32-Point (8 Points/Group), 24V DC Sink/Source

1762-OF4 Allen-Bradley

1762-OF4 MicroLogix 4-Ch Analog Output Module, Voltage/Current

1762-IQ8OW6 Allen-Bradley

1762IQ8OW6 8-Ch 24V DC Sink/Source Input & 6 Relay Output Module

1796-SIM1200 Allen-Bradley

1796-SIM1200 MicroLogix 1200 Input Switch Simulator