The PLC-5 ALLEN-BRADLEY programmable controller stands at the center of a control architecture that brings together existing and future systems by means of networks such as EtherNet/IP, ControlNet and DeviceNet, and offers connectivity among SLC 500, ControlLogix, and MicroLogix controllers.

Because they include embedded network connections, PLC-5 controllers enable your control architecture to be flexible enough to include cost-effective connections to a wide range of devices.

PLC-5 1771

PLC-5 1785

  • PLC-5/11
  • PLC-5/20
  • PLC-5/20C
  • PLC-5/20e
  • PLC-5/26
  • PLC-5/30
  • PLC-5/40
  • PLC-5/40C 
  • PLC-5/40e
  • PLC-5/40L
  • PLC-5/46
  • PLC-5/46C
  • PLC-5/60
  • PLC-5/60L
  • PLC-5/80
  • PLC-5/80C
  • PLC-5/80e
  • PLC-5/86

WiAutomation provides a wide range of Allen-Bradley PLC-5 spare parts.

1771N-2DDPPRRRR Allen-Bradley

I/O Module ANALOG, (2) 0-25MA OUT, (2) /- 5V IN, (4) RTD IN

1771-ILK Allen-Bradley

1771-ILK PLC-5 8-Ch Isolated Analog Input Module, Conformal Coat

1771-TCMR Allen-Bradley

1771-TCMR PLC-5 Temperature Control Module, 8-Point, RTD

1771-NBRC Allen-Bradley

1771-NBRC PLC-5 Analog RTD/Cur Combo Module, 8-P, High Resolution

1771N-0LLRRRRRR Allen-Bradley

ANALOG card (2) 4-20MA IN (6) RTD IN

1771-NBTC Allen-Bradley

PLC-5 High Resolution Analog Combination Module, 6 x Thermocouple/mV Inputs, 2 x Current Outputs 4-20 mA, Isolated

1771-NB4T Allen-Bradley

1771-NB4T PLC-5 4P Analog TC/mV Combo Module, High Resolution

1771-NB4S Allen-Bradley

PLC-5 Analog Current Input/Output Combination Module, (2) Analog Current Inputs, 4-20mA, and (2) Analog Current Outputs, 0-25mA, High Resolution, Isolated

1771-IXEK Allen-Bradley

1771-IXEK Conformally Coated PLC-5 Thermocouple/Mv Input Module

1771-IRK Allen-Bradley

1771-IRK Conformally Coated PLC-5 RTD Input Module, 3-Wire RTD

1771-NIV1 Allen-Bradley

PLC-5 High Resolution Analog Input Module, 8 x Voltage/Current ±10V (±20 mA) Inputs, Isolated

1771-OFE1K Allen-Bradley

1771 PLC-5 System, Analog Output Module, (4) +/-10V Differential Isolated Output, Conformal Coated

1771-PM Allen-Bradley


1771-NBSC Allen-Bradley

1771-NBSC PLC-5 8P Analog Volt/Cur Combo Module High Resolution

1771-NR Allen-Bradley

PLC-5 High Resolution Analog Input Module, 8 x 1-650 Ohm RTD/Resistance Inputs, Isolated

1771-NOV Allen-Bradley

PLC-5 High Resolution Analog Output Module, 8 x Voltage Outputs, ±10V, Isolated

1771-IFMS Allen-Bradley

PLC-5 Intrinsically Safe Fast Millivolt Input Module, 0-50mV, 8 Input, differential, low-levels; Input voltage range: 0-50mV; Resolution: 12-bit binary; Linearity: ±1 LSB; Repeatability: ±1 LSB; Input overvoltage protection: 32V; Maximum input voltage: ±10V

1771-IL Allen-Bradley

PLC-5 Analog Input Module, Current/Voltage, 8 Isolated (1000V) Differential Inputs; Resolution: 16-Bit binary over full range

1771-NIVT Allen-Bradley

PLC-5 High Resolution Analog Input Module, 4 x Thermocouple/mV Inputs, 4 x Voltage/Current ±5V/(4-20 mA) Inputs, Isolated

1771-NBVC Allen-Bradley


1771-NIS Allen-Bradley

PLC-5 High Resolution Analog Input Module, 8 x Current 4-20mA Inputs, Isolated, supplies loop power

1771-IFF Allen-Bradley

1771 plc-5 system, fast analog input module, 8 differential or 16 single-ended analog current/voltage inputs, 12-bit + sign bit, 5ms/8 channels or 10ms/16 channels

1771-DXPS Allen-Bradley

1771-DXPS Control Coprocessor Serial Expander Module

1771-IMD Allen-Bradley

1771-IMD PLC-5 Digital Input Module, 220V AC/DC, 16 Input


PLC-5 Analog RTD Input Module, (6) Analog RTD Inputs for 3-Wire RTDs, 16-Bit Resolution

1771-TCM Allen-Bradley

PLC-5 Temperature Control Module, (8) Analog mV/TC Inputs for 8 PID Heat/Cool Loops, 16-Bit Resolution

1771-OW16K Allen-Bradley

1771-OW16K PLC-5 16 Output Module, Conformally Coated

1771-NT2 Allen-Bradley

PLC-5 High Resolution Analog Input Module, 8 x Thermocouple/mV Inputs, Isolated

1771-NOC Allen-Bradley

PLC-5 High Resolution Analog Output Module, 8 x Current Outputs, 4-20 mA, Isolated

1771-CFMK Allen-Bradley

PLC-5 Configurable Flowmeter Module, Conformally Coated, 4 Digital Inputs/4 Digital Outputs

1771-OAN Allen-Bradley

PLC-5 Digital AC Output Module, 32 Outputs (4 Sets of 8), 80…265V AC

1771-IXE Allen-Bradley

PLC-5 Thermocouple/Millivolt Input Module, 8-Inputs (floating differential); Natural Binary or BCD Actual temperature or mV reading; Voltage Range: Type E, J, K, R, S, T ±99.99mV

1771-PLS-B1 Allen-Bradley

1771-PLS-B1 Ametec 1771-PLS-B1 Gemco Ultra-High Speed Programmable Limit Switch

1771-OM Allen-Bradley

1771-OM PLC-5 Digital AC Output Module, 220/240VAC, 8-Point

1771-NBV1 Allen-Bradley

PLC-5 High Resolution Analog Combination Module, 6 x Voltage/Current ±10V (±20 mA) Inputs, 2 x Voltage Outputs ±10V, Isolated

1771-OQ16K Allen-Bradley

PLC-5 Digital DC Output Module, 16 Outputs, 10-32V DC, Isolated, Conformally Coated

1771-OJ Allen-Bradley

PLC-5 Speciality I/O Pulse Output Expander Module, 5-30V DC Digital Inputs for Jogging & E-Stop (accepts from TTL up to 30V DC inputs, and inputs from the 1771-IJ, 1771-IK modules), 20 kHz Digital Output to translator Source/Sink Push-Pull, 1-Slot wide, with 1771-M1 Stepper Motor Controller Module forms 1771-QA Stepper Motor Positioning Assembly

1771-ID01 Allen-Bradley PLC-5 ISOLATED INPUT


1771-IT Allen-Bradley

PLC-5 Digital Input Module, Fast Response, (8) 12-24V DC Digital Inputs, Sink (Source load), Operating Voltage: 12-27V DC

1771-NIV Allen-Bradley

PLC-5 High Resolution Analog Input Module, 8 x Voltage/Current ±5V (±20 mA) Inputs, Isolated

1771-OADK Allen-Bradley

1771-OADK PLC-5 Digital Output Module 16 Outputs, Conformal Coat

1771-VHSC Allen-Bradley

PLC-5 Very High Speed Counter Module, 4 Input Channels

1771-QD Allen-Bradley

1771-QD PLC-5 Injection Control Module, Analog, 3-In/2-Out

1771-LI Allen-Bradley

1771-LI PLC-5 Loop Controller Interface Module

1771-OQ Allen-Bradley

PLC-5 Digital DC Output Module, 8 Outputs (Source), 20.4-26.4V DC, Isolated

1771-IBDK Allen-Bradley

1771-IBDK PLC-5 Input Module Conforormal Coat, 10-30VDC 16 Input

1771-QDC Allen-Bradley

1771-QDC PLC-5 Plastic Molding Module, Analog 4-In/4-Out

1771-IDK Allen-Bradley


1771-QI Allen-Bradley

1771-QI PLC-5 Co-injection Module for Injection Molding Machine

1771-QH Allen-Bradley