Allen-Bradley's SmartGuard 600 1752 Series Security Controllers feature 16 inputs and 8 safety outputs, 4 pulse test sources, and an optional EtherNet / IP port. Each controller also includes a DeviceNet connection to support CIP and CIP Safety standards. Configuration and programming can take place on EtherNet / IP, DeviceNet or via integrated USB port. These intelligent, cost-effective and reduced-size controllers are able to perform a security interlock between GuardLogix or other SmartGuard security controllers.

SmartGuard 600

  • 1752-L24BBB
  • 1752-L24BBBE
1752-L24BBBE Allen-Bradley

SmartGuard 600 Safety Controller, DeviceNet, EtherNet/IP, SIL 3. 16 Digital Inputs, 8 Digital Outputs; 4 Pulse Test Sources. Supply Voltage: 20.4-26.4V DC (24V DC, -15…10%)

1752-L24BBB Allen-Bradley - Safety Controller DeviceNet

SmartGuard 600 Safety Controller, DeviceNet, SIL 3, 24V DC, Input: 11-25V DC DeviceNet Specification; 16-Digital Inputs, 8-Digital Outputs, 4-Pulse Test Sources