Modicon Micro

Compact and modular Schneider Electric PLC Modicon TSX Micro for OEM and Infrastructure Equipment Manufacturers, with a maximum of 484 I / O

110-XCA-101-00 Schneider Electric - I/O EXPANSION LINK 110XCA10100

XCA10100 Connector

TSX-FPA-CC2 Schneider Electric - 9-way female SUB-D connector TSXFPACC2

9-way female SUB-D connector

TSX-CDP-102 Schneider Electric - Rolled ribbon connecting cable TSXCDP102

Rolled ribbon connecting cable - for I/O module with HE10 connectors - 1 m

110-XCA-203-00 Schneider Electric - Cable Adapter 110XCA20300

Modbus Plus D-shell adaptor for AT serial port - 1 RJ45, SUB-D 9 connector